November 7, 2012

Rare & Retired Characters: Talespin Baloo & Don Karnage

Talespin Baloo Don Karnage Disneyland Disney Afternoon Avenue
Remember Talespin? It had an odd premise (Jungle Book meets Casablanca with a little bit of Cheers and lot of Jules Verne), but turned out to be a great family adventure series. Its best episodes (anything involving the Sky Pirates, ghosts or thawed-out WWI pilots) are still remembered by fans as some of the most entertaining television Disney's ever produced.

In 1991, Disneyland guests could meet "Higher for Hire" cargo pilot Baloo and sky pirate Don Karnage on Disney Afternoon Avenue, located near It's a Small World. Both character costumes were amazingly well-done.

After meeting the ace pilots, guests could take a ride through Gummi Glen on the re-themed Motorboat cruise, try out the Rescue Ranger Raceway (Fantasyland Autopia) or pose for photos in front in plywood replicas of key locations from Ducktales. Mickey's Toontown was two years away, but Afternoon Avenue served as a very pleasant temporary stand-in.


  1. Oh so much fun! I probably watched Talespin more than I watched Jungle Book. (I know, a terrible thing to admit.)

  2. TaleSpin IS better than Jungle Book!!!

    If you're interested, some of us fans are actually making a TaleSpin video game!


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