November 23, 2012

The Rocket Jets: Tomorrowland 1983

Rocket Jets Disneyland Tomorrowland old 1983 spinning ride
Soaring high above Tomorrowland aboard the Rocket Jets was an early-morning tradition in my family (we always rode right after Space Mountain), and a spectacular thrill I miss dearly. Riding the gantry elevator to the ride's third-story platform atop the PeopleMover station was an adventure in itself.
Rocket Jets Disneyland Tomorrowland old 1983 spinning ride Matterhorn
I'm sure the Imagineers had the best intentions when they closed the ride and reinvented it as the ground-level Astro Orbitor. The newer experience, however, pales in comparison to the views and exhilarating heights of the Rocket Jets.

Guests can still enjoy an elevated rocket spin on Walt Disney World's Astro Oribter and Tokyo Disneyland's Starjets. Whatever the future holds for Disneyland's Tomorrowland, I hope the thrill of flying far above ground level returns in some form. Tomorrowland used to be all about looking up toward the skies. The land's been grounded for far too long.


  1. This is always an evening highlight for us at WDW. I'm sad that you don't have it anymore because a) great picture opportunities and b) it's always a good time.

    Perhaps this should be a subject to a future comic? ;)

    1. That's a definite possibility! You folks at WDW are so lucky to still have the Orbiter ride up where it belongs!


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