November 26, 2012

Once There Was a PeopleMover (with Fish Heads & Crumbs)

People Mover Tracks Rocket Rods Disneyland Tomorrowland
The abandoned tracks twist above Disneyland's Tomorrowland, serving no purpose except as a nighttime lighting fixture for the area's entry strip. Once there was a PeopleMover ride bustling along that wonderful elevated roadway. Why it went away, and what happened to its much-hyped  and ill-fated replacement remains one of Disneyland's saddest tales. It's clearly time to move on, tear those old tracks down and have fun imagining the possibilities for Tomorrowland's future.

Younger Disneyland fans often ask about those old tracks. It's the duty of PeopleMover pros to pass along their knowledge to these eager learners. And it's important to get the facts straight. And avoid fibbing. And...hey, look, it's Fish Heads and Crumbs...
Fish Heads Crumbs Disneyland Comic Peoplemover Rocket Walrus
Fish Heads Crumbs Disneyland Comic Peoplemover Rocket Walrus


  1. How cute are these two. Really. Love of food, the Disney lore, and Mickey hats. haha. I also love the facial expressions!

    1. Thanks for the kind words -- these guys are a lot of fun to draw! :)


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