December 10, 2013

Create Your Own Ultimate Disney Christmas Playlist

Disney Christmas music iTunes Amazon download playlist
Disney didn't release a new character Christmas album this year, but 2012's Jingle Bell Fun was so entertaining, it deserves another winter in the spotlight. Plus, this is a great year to revisit Disney Christmas albums from the past and add some gems to your music player.

Looking over what's available to purchase digitally from iTunes and Amazon MP3, it's easy to create a fantastic Disney Christmas playlist. Here are Mouse Troop's picks for the best of the best, but we encourage you to sample all the available tracks and make your own personal Disney Musical Winter Holiday Extravaganza!

December 3, 2013

Netflix Graced By Two More Disney Classics

Disney Netflix Sword Stone Robin Hood animated classics
As the wonderful Frozen sets box office records in theaters, Netflix has added more Disney magic to the home viewing world with the arrivals of The Sword in the Stone and Robin Hood. I was asleep at the switch when these two classics appeared last week: Many thanks to Josie Becker for alerting me to these welcome additions to the Netflix streaming lineup!

Both these films feature great character animation, and The Sword in the Stone is one of my very favorite Disney movies. What a great pair to watch beside a crackling fireplace this winter!

December 2, 2013

Could Dumbo Drones Deliver Disney Doodads?

Disney Dumbo Drone Amazon Delivery What-If Future Online
Amazon's recently-announced push to offer drone-delivered packages within the next several years had me grinning. If they can pull it off, we'll be one step closer to The Jetsons...and Tomorrowland...and hopefully not an Orwellian nightmare.

What if Disney follows their example and adapts drone technology? Can you imagine ordering your vacation package or latest Disney Store collectible online...and thirty minutes later a little Dumbo drone lands in your driveway with your Magic Bands...or Sven Reindeer mini plush?

Trumpeting "When You Wish Upon a Star"?

Seize the future, Disney! Make it so!