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Welcome to Mouse Troop's Disney Park Music page. Here, we'll keep an updated list of all park-related albums currently available for download on iTunes and Amazon.


Disneyland Resort: Official Album

At long last, the new Disney Park soundtrack albums have been released digitally. This one, covering both DL and DCA, is an outstanding collection of classic ride soundtracks and new adventures, including a great ride-through of Radiator Springs Racers. It also includes 'Welcome to Radiator Springs," a Junkyard Jamboree song not included on the park's Cars Land soundtrack. You'll have to buy the whole album to get the 18 minute Fantasyland Dark Ride Suite, but it's worth every penny.
Walt Disney World: Official Album

Two discs worth of music aren't enough to fully represent all four parks at WDW, but the tracks that made the cut are fantastic. Includes the score for the renovated Test Track, plus three fun selections from New Fantasyland. As usual, the amazing scores for the Epcot pavilions form the collection's epic centerpiece, and the music for Spaceship Earth is worth the cost of the entire album.

Music From Disney's California Adventure

This is DCA's original 2001 soundtrack album, and very much reflects the park's awkward early years, with music from the extinct Superstar Limo ride, two opening day shows and the Eureka! parade. Of course, it also includes the two best attraction scores from early DCA, Soarin' and California Screamin'. Long out of print in CD form, this digital version is well worth picking up.


Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Pirates
Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the best park albums ever released. Contains just about everything you could hope for in an audio tribute to this classic attraction. Featuring Twenty-five tracks for $7.99, this is a bargain no Disney park fan should miss.

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Mansion

 The Haunted Mansion

The parks have sold more comprehensive versions of this album, but this downloadable version includes the most important tracks. If you want out-takes, bloopers and radio ads, however, you'll have to track down the earlier versions.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

A sixteen minute ride-through mix brings Disneyland's once-a-year Nightmare Before Christmas mansion makeover to spectacular audio life. The album also includes a handful of cute Halloween themed Christmas Carol parodies.
Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Bear
Country Bear Jamboree

The original classic show as it appeared before it was shortened at WDW and demolished at DL. Pay no attention to that guy in the iTunes comments who claims it's not complete. This is the full show on one long music track, plus background music from the Mile Long Bar.


The fun, whimsy, and great music of this WDW classic is immortalized on this nearly fifteen-minute recording. Beautifully done.

Disney's Electrical Parade

There have been so many versions of this show released on park records, tapes and CD's over the decades that it's hard to believe this is the first time it's been available digitally! This is the terrific, nearly ten-minute long version put together by Randy Thornton for The Musical History of Disneyland (it includes parade dialogue from Alice and Pete), but with the Main-Street-Less opening and closing announcements from the DCA era. The Baroque Hoedown never gets old!

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Wishes

This charming WDW production is a joy to listen to. West-Coasters will recognize sections which were incorporated into DL's 50th anniversary celebration.

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Nemo
Finding Nemo: The Musical

A wonderful recording of the entire show that's been so
successful at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular

A 2003 cast recording of the mega-popular Aladdin stage show at Disney California Adventure.

Slue-Foot Sue's Golden Horseshoe Review

Recorded live at Disneyland in 1957, this album captures
the joy, humor and charm of the long-running Disneyland
Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Carthay
The Circle Sessions: The Music of Carthay Circle

Light jazz renditions of Disney classics, as heard in DCA's
Carthay Circle Restaurant.

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Band
Walt Disney World Marching Band

A joyful blast from the past. Break out the popcorn!


Disney Classics

This massive collection devotes its final 21 tracks to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. With the exception of the lengthy DL Splash Mtn. track, all are available for individual purchase. including:

The Great Outdoors
Space Mountain (both the original & the update)
The Best Time of Your Life
Universe of Energy

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes
The Sherman Brothers Songbook

This amazing collection includes the following park tracks:
Makin' Memories
One Little Spark
Magic Journeys
Meet the World (From Tokyo Disneyland)
There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow
The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room
It's a Small World (not the actual ride version)

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes
A Musical Tour: Treasure of the Walt Disney Archives

Tucked away in this eclectic  tour, you'll find:
Walt Disney's Dedication of Disneyland
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea/Whale of a Tale (park version)
Star Tours (1.0 version -- score only)
Fantasmic! Exit Music
Yo Ho (the really good Randy Thornton mix)
Grim Grinning Ghosts (the really good Randy Thornton mix)
Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes AliceAlice In Wonderland

Just one track is park-related: If you've ever been in line for the Alice dark ride at Disneyland and heard a strange, terrific instrumental of the title song playing in the music loop -- This is where it comes from. (Track 8)


Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes
Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland

More of a promo album than a soundtrack, it's still a blast to listen to. The whole production bursts at the seams with that classic "sound" of 1950's Disney.

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Thurl
Meet Me Down on Main Street

The title song is a Disney park barbershop classic, and -- hey -- this is Thurl Ravenscroft we're talking about!

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Date
Date Nite at Disneyland

Man, is this album fun. Step in your time machine and travel back to hear what night time entertainment at Disneyland once sounded like.

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes Five
Firehouse Five Plus Two at Disneyland

This joyful Dixieland band formed of Disney Studio moonlighters (including animators Frank Thomas and Ward Kimball) occasionally performed at the Boss's park, and this live recording captures their wild energy. Awesome album cover, too!

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes ragtime
Ragtime at the Magical Kingdoms

Imaginative, playful Ragtime piano performances of park classics including If You Had Wings, Miracles From Molecules, One Little Spark and much more.

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes organ
Echoes of Disneyland

The Wurlitzer company once occupied a prominent spot on Disneyland's Main Street, and this album of Disney classics performed on the Wurlitzer organ brings those days to life once again. Either that, or it will rekindle memories of your favorite childhood ice skating rink.

Disneyland Walt Disney World park soundtracks iTunes piano
Solo Piano Moments

Just three park-related tracks here, but these solo piano renditions are amazing:

Golden Dream
World of Color


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