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Welcome to Mouse Troop's archive of weekly comic strips featuring our food critic, Aston (Astonished) Walrus, or A.W. for short. Click any image to see the comic full-sized. Thanks for dropping by!
Disneyland Comic Walrus Fish Heads Crumbs ice cream
Prickly Bill Part 2 - 4/11/2013
Fish Heads Crumbs Disneyland Comic walrus conscience
Prickly Bill - 4/3/2013
Disneyland Comic Pinocchio's Daring Journey walrus dark ride
The Other Pinocchio - 3/27/2013
Little Mermaid ride DCA walrus comic Disneyland Fish Crumbs
Undersea Crumbs - 3/20/13
Oz Great Powerful Disney film review comic Fish Heads Crumbs
Oz Crumbs - 3/13/2013
Shoebox Tries Again - 3/6/2013
The Ride Adults Fear Most 2/20/2013
Primeval Walrus 2/13/2013
Cold Crumbs 2/6/2013
Flying Saucer, Tires, Fish Heads & Crumbs 01/30/2013
Dom Bominable 1/23/2013
Fish Heads Crumbs walrus ghost Disneyland comic Shoebox
Shoebox Hangs Around 1/14/2013
Shoebox Ghost Hatbox Disneyland comic Fish Heads Crumbs
Ghost Auditions 1/08/13
The Refurbishment Blues 12/31/12
A Feral Cat Christmas - 12/24/12
Fish Heads Crumbs Imagineer Disney comic walrus Kickstarter
Blue Sky Dreams 12/17/12
Vinylmation Disney comic strip walrus Christmas Crumbs
Vinylmation Negotiation - 12/10/12
The Other Rabbit - 12/03/12
Once There Was a PeopleMover - 11/26/12
comic Fish Heads Crumbs walrus brioche Flo's Disney
Language Arts - 11/19/12
Fish Heads Crumbs Disneyland comic walrus Plunk nephew
It's a Quaint World After All - 11/12/12
Fish Heads Crumbs walrus comic corn dog dogs conscience
Conscience & Corn Dogs - 11/05/12
Fish Heads Crumbs comic strip Disneyland breakfast character birds
The Original Character Breakfast - 10/29/12
Fish Heads Crumbs Enchanted Tiki Room Disneyland Dole Whips Whip
Tiki Trouble - 10/22/12
Fish Heads Crumbs Feral Cat Disneyland comic strip walrus
Wafers the Feral Cat - 10/15/12
Fish Heads Crumbs Walrus Jabba 7 Oysters Alice comic strip Troop
Cabbages & Kings - 10/08/12
Fish Heads Crumbs Walrus Horse Drawn Disneyland Comic 6
Horse-Drawn Street Talk - 10/01/12
Fish Heads Crumbs 5 Walrus comic strip Cozy Con Cones DCA
Cozy Con - 9/23/12
Fish Heads Crumbs Comic 4 Mouse Troop submarine Disneyland
How Not To Do a Podcast - 9/16/12
Fish Heads Crumbs Walrus Comic 3 Podcast
Podcast Problem - 9/10/12
Distant Melody - 9/3/12
Outdoor Seating - 8/27/12

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