November 9, 2012

Fantasyland at Night

Mad Tea Party Disneyland Teacups night spinning lanterns
Disneyland's Fantasyland takes on a unique energy late at night. Because much of it's blocked off during fireworks (as the castle hosts some of the pyrotechnics), the last hours of park operation find the area bustling with relaxed, tired-but-happy guests trying to get in one last ride on a childhood favorite before closing time.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Disneyland dark ride exterior Toad Hall
I love wandering through Fantasyland late at night, slightly loopy from exhaustion, gazing around at spinning teacups, flying elephants, giant arrogant caterpillars and the chimneys of Toad Hall as the Abominable Snowman's roar echoes from the Matterhorn...
King Arthur Carrousel Carousel Disneyland night merry round
If only they'd allow it, I think half the crowd would happily rent sleeping bags and camp out there all night.

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