November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to Disney Fans Everywhere!

Mickey Minnie Thanksgiving Turkey Brownies Disney centerpiece
Happy Thanksgiving! We don't usually post recipes on Mouse Troop, but I'd like to share my secret for these delicious Turkey Brownies:

1. Drive to local market's bakery section.
2. Slide debit card.
3, Transport Turkey Brownies home.

I am a disaster in the kitchen. If I'd tried to create the above little turkeys on my own, each and every one would've turned out like this:
Brownie cartoon Thanksgiving Turkey bad  burnt cooking disaster
I'm the guy who's always assigned "chips and soda" for office parties.

Have a great Holiday, everyone!


  1. ha! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, Rich! I don't think I could handle a turkey but I can make a mean pie! ;)

    1. I can handle a turkey only if it has "Swanson," "Banquet," "Stoffer's" or "Costco Fully Cooked" on the outside. :)


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