November 5, 2012

Corn Dog Castle (and Fish Heads & Crumbs)

Corn Dog Castle Disney California Adventure Paradise Pier dogs
Word's getting around; Disneyland Resort features the best corn dogs on the planet. They're delicious, crispy, and cooked just right. Disneyland Park sells them from the Little Red Wagon on Main Street, while Disney California Adventure fries them up at Paradise Pier's Corn Dog Castle.

Few seem to mind that Corn Dog Castle retains the deliberately gaudy decor of Paradise Pier's first years. Now that most of the rest of the pier has been made over, the little hold-out looks kind of cute (believe it or not, this billboard's a lot more subtle than the one CD Castle started with!)

There's only one problem: The place does not open until lunch time. My sister caught my brother-in-law (the tall one) and me staring forlornly through the windows, realizing we were too early. No matter how much we stared, the place just wouldn't magically open for breakfast for us. Go figure.

And now, Fish Heads & Crumbs....
Fish Heads Crumbs walrus comic DCA Corn Dogs dog Castle
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