April 11, 2013

No Shortage of Ice Cream (with Fish Heads & Crumbs)

Clarabelle's DCA Ice Cream Disney California Adventure sign
From Mickey Bars to Ghirardelli sundaes and Cozy Cone cones, ice cream can be found all over Disneyland Resort.

Clarabelle's on Buena Vista Street serves up Waffle Cones and an amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. For something a bit different, try the Dark Chocolate-Dipped Berry Sorbet bar.

Our roving food critic, Aston Walrus, has often resorted to trickery in his attempts to satisfy his ice cream addiction, but last week he had an encounter which threw his snack life into turmoil. I wish I could say he's accepted the challenge with maturity and grace, but...oh, well...
Disneyland Comic Walrus Fish Heads Crumbs ice cream

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  1. Maybe Uncle has a cold? I've been wanting ice cream ALL week (the temps were so nice in the beginning of the week, it was hard not to) but I have a cold and I can't have it! Sadface. Such a cute one, Rich! Thanks!


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