April 3, 2013

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide Rail (with Fish Heads & Crumbs)

Trolley Treats candy shop DCA Disney Buena Vista Street
I'm staring at this photo, taken inside Trolley Treats on Buena Vista Street, and all I can think is, "I should've bought more peanut brittle."

One of the few perks about traveling on a tight budget is the built-in moderation factor: I can't afford to over-indulge (much). End of story. If I lived close enough to the resort to visit the parks more often -- and without the hotel and travel expenditure -- I'm afraid to imagine how many park goodies I'd wolf down on a typical visit. If I wasn't careful, I might wind up in a situation a walrus friend of mine recently -- ouch! Sorry, I just tripped over the segue...
Disneyland comic walrus Fish Heads Crumbs conscience

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