May 8, 2013

Mouse Troop's Twisted-Up Disney Character Quiz

Cheshire Cat twisted Disney quiz Mouse Troop Disneyland
We've got a quiz for you today, and all it requires is a familiarity with Disney and Pixar's major animated films.

The catch? You must identify each character based on their relation to other characters. Example: Minnie's boyfriend's dog. Answer: Pluto. Of course, that's way too easy.

Thirty characters await identification! Good luck! Answers and Score ratings at the end. Oh--and beware of multiple possibilities that can lead to a dead end. For instance, there are two different Pixar sheriffs, and Mowgli has more than one friend. There is only one correct answer for each clue chain.

By the way, it's okay to Google the character's name if you know what you're looking for! Here we go!


1) Andy's sheriff's buddy's enemy

2) LeFou's hero's fixation's father's horse

3) Jessica's husband's savior's brother

4) Goofy's son's best-friend's father

5) Jacques's friend's savior's boyfriend's father's underling's saboteur's cat's slayer

6)  Chef Louis's employer's servant's dinner's charge's father

7) Bagheera's ward's friend's father's wife

8) Clayton's employer's daughter's boyfriend's leader

9) Stefan's enemy's slayer's father

10) Ector's son's squire's teacher's adversary

11) White Rabbit's boss's witness's party-crasher's cat

12) Stromboli's victim's friend's employer

13)  The Evil Queen's servant's quarry's secret-admirer

14) Sheriff's helper's friend's mentor

15) Katrina's beau's rival's fear

16) Yensid's pupil's dog's girlfriend's owner's cat

17) The Ringmaster's "subconscious's" friend's conveyance

18) Tony's favorite-customer's girlfriend's framers' owner

19) Jasper's employer's ex-schoolmate's dog's husband's owner

20) Michael's sister's hero's nemesis's greatest-fear

21) Napoleon's quarry's victims' owner's attorney

22) Richard's brother's foe's girlfriend's servant

23) Bruce's friend's son's captor

24) Shenzi's boss's brother's son's girlfriend

25) Nero's owner's victim's savior's motor

26) Hera's husband's enemy's vanquisher's teacher

27) Chief's pupil's friend's guardian's neighbor

28) Skinner's employee's secret's dad

29) Mike's boss's accomplice's quarry's kitty

30) Jim's mother's friend's employee's cook


How'd you do?

If you got 0 to 5 right, you could use some more presti-digi-tonium and flubber in your life.

If you got 6 to 9 right, you're a casual fan who appreciates good fantasy

10 to 16 right (yes, this is pretty arbitrary!): You're the Disney expert in your family. Be proud!

17 to 25 right: Impressive. Most impressive (That's a Disney quote, now!)

26 to 29 right: Fantastic! You could teach a class in Disney history!

30 Correct: Well done!!! You know there's no cure for Disneymania, and you wouldn't want one if it existed! And you know I misspelled Sulley's name in the answer graphic...


  1. Rich, seriously. I feel crazy reading these. We got through 10 and then I get really tired. hahahah.

    1. Yeah, I got a bit carried away; I probably should've kept it to ten or twelve questions...but I just couldn't stop! :)


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