May 31, 2013

Cars Land Details: The Hidden Pixar SnowGlobe

Cars Land Lizzie's Curios Knick Knack interior traffic light
We're inside Lizzie's Radiator Springs Curios Shop today. It's a crazy little store full of antique decor and whimsical knick knacks. Speaking of knick knacks...if you look in the right place, you'll spot a tribute to one of Pixar's earliest short films.
Cars Land Carsland Lizzie's Knick Knack snowglobe snowman
Check out the line of snow globes atop one of the display cabinets.
Cars Land Carsland Knick Knack snowglobe snowman Lizzie's
Knick the Snowman has found a home in the Cars universe! I guess things didn't go well for him with the fishbowl mermaid...

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