May 17, 2013

Audio-Animatronic Mater

Mater Radiator Springs Racers ride DCA Cars Land Carsland
Through great craftsmanship and clever technology, Radiator Springs Racers pulls off the amazing trick of bringing full-sized automobiles to life. The entire cast is amazing, but Mater is the jolliest and most wildly expressive of the crew.

His believability holds up under close inspecton; In the first encounter, he's right up in your face, chatting happily and driving backwards as he leads you into trouble.
Mater Radiator Springs Racers Lightning DCA Cars Land Carsland
His commentary with Lightning at the ride's end is equally fun; Disney should seriously consider making this duo their official DCA ambassadors.

The audio-animatronics on RS Racers have played a huge role in DCA's turn-around, and they give the ride a heart and soul that the entire park was missing in its early years. It's great to see Disneyland's neighbor finally benefit from some classic E-Ticket magic.

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