May 14, 2013

Casey at the Bat on Paradise Pier

Casey Bat Boardwalk Game baseball DCA Disney Paradise Pier
The Games of the Boardwalk at Paradise Pier are a must-see for animation fans. The attention to detail on each booth is amazing, and my favorite--by far--is themed to the most infamous baseball moment in American folklore.

Casey at the Bat, with its unforgettable tale of tragic arrogance, deserves its place as one of our country's most beloved poems. Disney's adaptation, from the 1946 film Make Mine Music, leans a bit too far toward silliness, but its character designs and art direction are fantastic -- and those features come blazing to life at this amazing booth.
Casey Bat Boardwalk Game baseball DCA Disney Paradise Pier
Everything in the design--from the crazed crowd in the stands to the glove-bat-and-ball fan whirling overhead and the white fence along the front--works brilliantly.

Mudville lives and breathes on one tiny, wonderful patch of DCA.

For a look at another Boardwalk game, please see our post on the Bullseye Stallion Stampede.

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