May 27, 2013

Two Tips For the Matterhorn Bobsleds

Matterhorn Bobsleds loading dispatch ride Disneyland coaster
Here we are, settled into our bobsled and ready to plunge into the icy caverns of the Matterhorn! While we wait, I'd like to share two great tips for this classic attraction.

1) This is a BIG, HUGE Disneyland touring tip: Use the Single Rider entry for the Matterhorn. You might end up walking right on, because only a tiny fraction of Disneyland visitors know this is an option. Due to the station's design, you have to walk up to the Cast Member near the station turnstyles and ask for admittance to Single Rider.

Every time I've done this, I've found myself in a bobsled less than a minute later, completely bypassing the often-90-minute queue.
Matterhorn Bobsleds station control Disneyland Abominable
2) If you're riding the Fantasyland side, glance over at the loading station's upper control room.
Matterhorn Bobsleds control booth abominable Disneyland
You just might spot a mouse-ear-wearing abominable mascot!

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