May 6, 2013

Ordering at Flo's -- The Lure of the Lightning Lunchboxes

A visit to Cars Land isn't complete without a relaxing break at Flo's V8 Cafe to enjoy the knock-out view of Radiator Springs Racers, the excellent food, the music, the backstory and the adjoining Doc Hudson Museum. Before you can rest your feet and drink up the atmosphere, of course, you need to pick up some "fuel." Fortunately, the quick and friendly crew make that chore a pleasure.

A waitress will hand you a menu as you reach the front of the fast-moving queue, and stand ready to answer any questions or make recommendations. You'll soon be directed to the next available register to place your order (I highly recommend the Citrus Turkey.)
The displays certainly help sell a ton of Lightning McQueen lunchbox/meal combos. Though intended for children, it's no surprise that nearly as many adults end up ordering one; They really are great, well-made souvenirs (a head's up to parents: the toy car rolls very, very well; make sure the food packed inside doesn't go flying during a daring off-the-table stunt!) The children's meals (turkey sandwich, roast beef sandwich or Mac and Cheese) are actually very good, considering they play second fiddle to the container.

The milk shakes, represented on the second shelf, are delicious, but I have mixed feelings about the "road gravel" candy floating on top; It's a cute detail, but the topping usually ends up blocking my straw. But, seriously, if that's my biggest problem on vacation, I think I can live with it...

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