May 24, 2013

Lego Genie in Downtown Disney

Lego Store Disneyland Downtown Disney Genie Aladdin model
Today we're back at Downtown Disney's amazing Lego Store. The place is loaded with great brick sculptures, but even among such masterpieces as Maleficent and Beast, this model of Genie is jaw-droppingly amazing. At first, you'd swear the model-builders must have cheated and used something besides Lego to create this character's curving, smoke-like shape...
Lego Store Disneyland Downtown Disney Genie Aladdin close up
 But, no, it really is all Lego bricks. I'd love to know how much this thing weighs.

In the first shot, you can see Lego's mascot, Brickley the sea serpent, peaking out and looking as though he knows he's being upstaged. For more about Brickley, including a great shot of his perfect location at Walt Disney World's Lego Store, check out this March post from Ryan P. Wilson's Main Street Gazette!

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