December 31, 2012

A Farewell to the Original Big Thunder (with Fish Heads & Crumbs)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disneyland closing refurbishment
We all have one week left to ride the original Big Thunder trains through the little mining town of Rainbow Ridge. As we mentioned earlier this month, Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closes its gates on January 7th in order to undergo a massive refurbishment and track replacement. Rides on a new fleet of runaway mine trains will begin when the attraction reopens this Fall.

I'll miss the old bench-style seats and the original Rainbow Ridge (it's getting rebuilt), but I can't wait to see what new surprises might wait along that wild run through Coyote Canyon, Big Thunder Mine and Dinosaur Gap.

Goodbye for now, Big Thunder. Can't wait to see the new you. Before I get too emotional about this, here's Fish Heads & Crumbs...
Disneyland comic Fish Crumbs Disney dynamite goat understudy

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