December 17, 2012

Blue Sky Dreams (with Fish Heads & Crumbs)

Blue Sky Cellar sign DCA Disney California Adventure Cars Land
For years, Disneyland hosted a Previews of Coming Attractions exhibit on Main Street, featuring such wonders as the models of Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain back when those attractions were under construction.

Today, the Blue Sky Cellar at Disney California Adventure provides the latest peeks at the Imagineering process. A new generation of future world-builders can spend hours there among the blueprints, models and concept art behind the latest park marvels.

Today's crayon doodlers could end up designing tomorrow's parks! Time for Fish Heads & Crumbs...
Disneyland comic Fish Heads Crumbs walrus Imagineering ride


  1. Okay, I propose another t-shirt idea.

    Our friendly characters in their holiday outfits. So cute! Thanks Rich!

    1. Thanks! I have to admit, I'm going to miss the Holiday outfits after the 25th. :)


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