March 4, 2013

Atlantis Surfaces on Netflix

Disney Netflix Atlantis anmated adventure digital streaming
Netflix has just added Atlantis: The Lost Empire to its lineup of Disney films available for digital streaming.

Released in 2001, Atlantis has quite a bit in common with Treasure Planet (also on Netflix): It's a non-musical, straightforward science fiction/fantasy adventure about a fatherless young man on a quest to make a name for himself.

Also, like Treasure Planet, this film is greatly under-appreciated. If you've never seen Atlantis, now's your chance to embark on a terrific adventure that unfolds like an animated spiritual successor to live-action Disney adventures such as 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and In Search of the Castaways. Its unique blend of Jules Verne-inspired settings and hand drawn animation gives it a unique and very effective style. Highly recommended.


  1. My daughter has been a huge fan of Atlantis since it came out (she was 16 then). She is always hoping to see something from this movie in merchandise but it's like it disappeared from the lineup or something. We do have the DVD and maybe it will undergo some sort of a revival now that it's on Netflix.

  2. This is absolutely my daughter's favorite movie, even though it came out the year she was born. Princess Kida is her favorite princess, and she has always been upset that Kida does not appear in the parks (or anywhere else, for that matter). She named her very first baby doll "Kida". In fact, she's made it her "mission" to introduce all her friends to Atlantis and Princess Kida. :)


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