March 17, 2013

The Best Souvenirs Don't Last Long

What does Disneyland taste like? Pocorn, ice cream sundaes and the world's best corn dogs? French toast and fritters? Gumbo and lemonade? For me, fresh peanut brittle from Main Street is my current favorite taste-bud memory of the park, and a great souvenir for keeping that part of Disneyland alive at home long after the suitcases are unpacked and put away.
Disneyland candy Peanut Brittle Main Street bag chef Mickey
Disneyland's peanut brittle isn't just amazingly delicious , it's a souvenir bargain (by theme park pricing standards, anway) at just under five dollars for a decent-sized bag of jagged, old-fashioned candy wonderment.

One great thing about peanut brittle in general is that you can't eat it quickly (without risking minor injury), so one could potentially extend this bit of vacation magic for weeks -- ah, who am I kidding, I ate all the brittle in a day and a half.
Disneyland candy Peanut Brittle Main Street label chef Mickey
But how can I resist? Disneyland Peanut Brittle is made with magic! I don't know what the nutritional value of magic is, but I'll bet it's off the charts...

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  1. The wrappers would exist somewhere in this collection.

    Is/ Was this a snack credit?


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