March 8, 2013

Shrunken Ned's Fifty Cent Advice

Shrunken Ned Disneyland Adventureland head talking doctor
The next time you're in Adventureland, be sure to drop in for an appointment with Shrunken Ned, "The Jungle's Only Self-Service Witch Doctor." The disembodied physician looks a bit gruesome hanging there in the South Sea Traders shop, but for fifty cents he'll cheerfully--or grumpily, depending on his mood--give you a quick diagnosis and some questionable a souvenir prescription card!

Shrunken Ned Disneyland Adventureland head talking doctor
Once you've dropped two quarters into his "office," Ned will usually prompt you to place your hand in his -- which refers to a carved hand-shaped plaque in front of the glass. The pulsing heartbeat you feel within the carved hand is extremely eerie.

In my case, Ned instantly deduced that I'd contracted a rare jungle disease and that the only cure was for me to transfer all my funds from my bank account to his. (I liked the diagnosis another customer got: Ned told the man he was delirious with fever, lost in the jungle and hallucinating that he was in Disneyland.)

He'll then direct you to take your prescription card...

Shrunken Ned Disneyland Adventureland head souvenir card

...and cheerfully thank you for your stopping by.

Ned is flat-out awesome. Bizarre, funny and wonderfully performed, he's one of Disneyland's unadvertised little wonders that you'll never forget. It's the best fifty cents you'll ever spend.
Shrunken Ned Disneyland Adventureland head talking doctor

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