March 6, 2013

When Hinges Creak (with Fish Heads & Crumbs)

Haunted Mansion Foyer Lobby Disneyland chandelier entry
There's no mistaking this creepy foyer for any other; we've just stepped into The Haunted Mansion, and this is the view you get when you're near the back of the group.

Despite the crowd, this is one of those classic Disneyland moments. How many of you are old enough to remember the pre-internet days, back even before Disney released the music on CD, LP or tape, when the only time you could hear that unforgettable organ theme was when you were actually standing there in the foyer? The creepy awesomeness would wash over you in a wave of...I dunno...welcoming forboding? You felt like you'd come the dead...and it made you grin...It could only happen at Disneyland or WDW's Magic Kingdom!

The 999 Happy Haunts of Haunted Mansion keep looking for number 1,000. They just don't want it to be one particular guy. Shoebox is back. I am so sorry...
Disneyland comic strip Fish Heads Crumbs Shoebox Ghost

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  1. "I was not entirely to blame for her husband's demise"… What exactly is that supposed to mean? Is Shoebox ridiculously bad at denying that he, actually, killed Mr Leota (Leoto?), or did Leota kill him for Shoebox? Plus, Madame Leota has actually got a "canonical" (well, as far as coloring books go) husband, Mr Gool, who is not a ghost.

    But anyway, very funny strip, bravo. I really like your art and this Shoebox Ghost character.


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