March 30, 2013

DJ's Dance N' Drive is Starting to Grow on Me

DJ Cars Land Carsland Dance Drive DCA Radiator Disney
There are a lot of characters I'd like to see making life-size outdoor appearances in Radiator Springs along with Lightning McQueen, Mater and Red. Any of the other citizens -- Doc, Sheriff, Sally, Flo, Ramone, Sarge, Filmore or Lizzie -- would be great.

DJ, the obnoxious boom box on wheels, would have been my last choice. He was a jerk in the film, although he got his comeuppance in the closing credits after Sheriff caught him.

He begins his ten minute show by insulting the little town, which prompts several waitresses and service station attendants to confront him and -- through song and dance -- prove that Radiator Springs really can party. In the end, DJ admits he was wrong. Everybody dance!

At first, I hated the way the show disrupts Cars Land's mellow atmosphere. Over repeat visits, however, I must admit that the talented, lively cast and the fun choice of music (including Dancing in the Streets, Car Wash, Life is a Highway, and Rock This Town) really do bring extra smiles and energy to the crowd.

Actually, maybe it's appropriate that DJ appears in Cars Land; In the film, his cruel and dangerous prank was the plot device that sent McQueen into Radiator Springs in the first place.

I guess one could say that, in Cars history, DJ unwittingly saved Radiator Springs from oblivion. But don't tell him that; He's quite full of himself enough as it is.

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