March 14, 2013

Welcomed by the Turnstyle Ducks

Disneyland ducks extra magic hour morning early turnstyle
Our Extra Magic Hour at Disneyland got a bonus touch of charm on our recent trip when a delightful pair of ducks (no relation to Donald) waddled up to inspect the crowd waiting to enter. I believe this smart feathered couple figured out how to get a jump on their comrades farther back in the park, and reasoned that early morning guests are often equipped with muffins and bagels.
Disneyland extra magic morning early hour crowd waiting February
Most of the waiting crowd had no idea of the cute antics happening up ahead. See, this is another reason to arrive early! Look at this crowd stretching back toward the entry to DCA. Keep in mind, these are just the Magic Morning/Extra Magic Hour ticket holders, an hour and fifteen minutes before the park's public opening on a Tuesday non-holiday in February!
Disneyland ducks extra magic hour morning early turnstyle
Meanwhile, everyone up front (including the family chosen to lead the opening countdown) continued be delighted by the tiny unofficial greeting committee/donut inspectors.

Disneyland's high-tech marvels are often enriched by the simplest, most basic pleasures in life. As a life-long fan of the children's classic Make Way For Ducklings, I love the thought that this web-footed pair have chosen the best place on Earth to safely raise their family.


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