March 10, 2013

DCA's Brother Bear Tribute

Kenai Koda Brother Bear DCA statue Disney California Adventure
Can you name these two? Kenai and Koda, from the strange, moose-infested Disney animated film Brother Bear, stand watch near the entrance to DCA's Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. The outdoor play/adventure zone, full of rope bridges and rock climbs, has shifted its focus to Dug and Russell from Up, but this life-size statue still stands as a silent tribute to Disney's moderately successful and somewhat forgotten animated tale of the hunter who gets turned into a bear.

With the release of Pixar's Brave (I film I love), the Walt Disney Company made history by becoming the only studio on Earth to have released two animated films -- within a decade of each other -- about a human turning into a bear. Thankfully, both movies turned out pretty great.

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  1. I really do like Brother Bear. I'm sad it gets a bad name. Love this tribute! I used to have a little Koda stuffed animal in college that I loved. (Actually I think he is here somewhere.)


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