February 19, 2013

Two Great Parks So Very Close Together

Disneyland Esplanade resort DCA entrance entry park
We've got two photos here -- two angles from the same spot, with Disneyland to the left...
Disneyland Esplanade resort Disney California Adventure entry
 ...and DCA to the right.

Disneyland Resort regulars have come to know this Esplanade as a wonderful transition zone where Monorails zip past and great Disney instrumental music plays nonstop.

For any park fans who have never been to Disneyland Resort (or at least not since DCA was built), this is a quick visual demonstration that, yes, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure really are that close to each other. It gives park-hopping new meaning; I'm sure someone in better shape than me could literally hop on one foot from one park to the other...or travel by pogo stick.

Now that DCA is finally a fantastic park, this area generates a unique, surreal atmopshere in the morning as guests line up at the opposing turnstyles, glancing over their shoulders and wishing they could somehow enter both parks simultaneously.

During the recent holiday season's busiest days, the lines for the two parks met in the middle.

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  1. I know when I first went to DL I was astonished by how close everything was. I remember after our first trip to WDW my mom was like... I never thought it was THAT BIG. I wonder what she would think of DL.

    Pogo sticks sound dangerous. How about a pole vault? ;)


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