February 7, 2013

Disneyland City Hall

Disneyland City Hall Main Street information schedules lost
Good old City Hall sits on the left side of Town Square as you enter Disneyland. What an incredibly inviting little structure; I'd love to grab an ice cream cone and just relax and people-watch from one of its front porch benches -- and not get up until the next horse-drawn streetcar ambles around to take me to the castle.

City Hall is your one-stop helpful spot to ask a question, pick up a show schedule, find a lost parent...
Disneyland lost parents sign City Hall children help find
or -- heaven forbid -- lodge a complaint. In the many years I've been visiting Disneyland, I've been tempted to leave a complaint a grand total of twice...and both times I started having fun again within about five minutes and forgot what I was irked about.

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