February 10, 2013

A Quiet Spot Near Radiator Springs Racers

Radiator Springs Racers Cap Cars Land Carsland DCA Disney
I love this little park beside the entry and exit to Radiator Springs Racers. It's a great spot for non-riders to wait for their families to return from the adventure, or for anyone to just unwind and listen to the happy screams of riders zipping around the base of Radiator Cap Rock.
Radiator Spings Racers Cars Land Carsland DCA Disney queue
Nearby, the Single-Rider and Fastpass queues wind through the landscaping before heading under the bridge to Stanley's Oasis. In the background, two racers head for the camelbacks during a test run (on this early morning visit the ride opening was delayed a few minutes).

The little rest zone is perfectly placed just between the normal crowd flow in and out of the ride, so you can usually count on finding an unoccupied bench while relaxing...or gearing up to take another spin on the Racers (remember...Single Rider Line)!

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