February 13, 2013

Primeval Walrus (with Fish Heads & Crumbs)

Disneyland Train Fred Gurley Primeval World Fish Heads Crumbs
The grand locomotive Fred Gurley has returned safely to Main Street Station after another thrilling trip through the prehistoric Primeval World. No other railroad on Earth takes you on a tour of the Old South, the Old West, the World of Tomorrow, the Grand Canyon and the Age of Dinosaurs -- and gets you back to Main Street in time for the afternoon parade!

Aston Walrus looks forward to park train trips as a chance to relax and reflect. But he lives in a comic strip, so things rarely work out that way...
Primeval World Disneyland comic Walrus Fish Heads Crumbs

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  1. Oh man. This would be frightening! Although perhaps Disney should feed their attractions ;)


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