October 30, 2012

WDW 1993: More Wonders of Life

Epcot Wonders Life Sensory Fun House box touch objects Disney
No, this isn't Universal's latest Halloween Haunt, it's another look back at 1993 Walt Disney World. Today we've returned once more to Wonders of Life. The eclectic, wonderful pavilion had something for everyone, and everyone seemed to love the Sensory Fun House.

The game seen above, where you reached into a hole and tried to identify an object by touch alone, was the sort of exhibit you can find in many museums and zoos, but Disney had the brilliant idea to make the back of the box open to spectators, turning it into a true "What the --" moment for guests who didn't know what they were looking at. This kind of simple, well-executed fun (also seen in the Forced Perspective Room) never gets old.

Wonders Life Coach's Corner baseball critique video batting Epcot Disney
At the nearby Coach's Corner, guests could take a swing in a mocked-up batting cage, then get an instant pre-recorded critique from a pro ballplayer. How accurate was it? How many possible responses were filmed? I have no idea, but it provided a few minutes of fun. It reminded me of the old video game Mad Dog McCree, but with baseball bats instead of old-west shoot-outs.

Despite riding the excellent headliner attraction Body Wars only once (it made us all motion sick), we returned to Wonders of Life several times during our stay to revisit Cranium Command and the many smaller attractions. It remains one of our fondest memories of '93 Epcot.


  1. For the hell of it I looked up Gary Carter... is that the catcher that died this year? How sad.

    My memories of this pavilion are so so faint and I hate that. But I do remember everyone in my family having something to do, which doesn't happen all the time.

    Epcot needs to bring some of that back. Thanks for sharing these! As always.

    P.S. Do you get sick on Soarin?

    1. I'm fine on Soarin', but I always get a bit motion sick on Star Tours (I ride it anyway). I guess I have a small problem with the enclosed-cabin simulators. When I finally visit Epcot again to catch up on the newer rides, I'm going to save Mission Space for last...just in case. :)

    2. Mission space now has a tame version with no motion in it, too many guests got injured on the full version. It's the same video and button sequence, but no chance of injury/passing out. I still think that ride was a waste of money, and therefore won't ride it. (We were there when it first opened and had to leave Epcot early for the premier party they had for it). My dad's been on it and said it wasn't his favorite and that Horizons (I think it was Horizons and Test Track replaced World of Motion).


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