October 18, 2012

WDW 1993: Dreamfinder & Figment

Journey Imagination Epcot Dreamfinder Spark 1993 WDW Disney World
Epcot's original Journey Into Imagination quickly became one of my top three favorite attractions in all of Walt Disney World when my family visited the resort in 1993 (it tied with Horizons and Cranium Command). I couldn't get enough of Dreamfinder and Figment, and took several trips through the ride during our stay.

Journey Into Imagination astonished me with its ingenious little vehicle trains as they swiveled sideways to follow the revolving stage for the song One Little Spark -- what a brilliant way to stage a full-length musical number on a ride!
Journey Imagination Epcot Figment Spark 1993 WDW Disney World
The musical and dramatic interplay between Dreamfinder and his newly-created friend Figment throughout the remainder of the ride made the adventure a warm-hearted, unforgettable experience. I'm very glad Figment still exists on the reworked version of the ride, and I hope someday Dreamfinder returns to the park as well. They're too good as a team to keep apart forever!


  1. "They're too good as a team to keep apart forever!" YES TO THIS.

    You know I remember when the non-Figment ride came out... I think that was my first Disney heartbreak. Even though I never visited "Epcot Center" that lil guy was very special to me. Glad he did make his return... even if no one really visits that ride as much anymore. (Ugh.)

  2. At the D23 Epcot 30th Event they played a ride through of the original attraction and Ron Schneider took the mic as Dreamfinder at the end. I felt like a kid all over again! I really, really hope Dreamfinder returns to the attraction someday too. It needs that spark :)

  3. Please join the Facebook page "Bring Back the Original Journey into Imagination to EPCOT."


    Let's hope "a dream, can be a dream come true,

    with just that spark, in me and you."

    Help us light that spark - pass it on to all those who agree with the cause!


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