October 9, 2012

WDW 1993: Epcot's Wide Open Spaces

Epcot 1993 Future World Monorail Journey Imagination
The vast skies and stunning vistas of 1993 Walt Disney World formed the biggest ongoing "Wow" factor during our first-ever visit. We particularly loved the surreal and wonderful landscapes of Epcot. The weather was a real character, too, and we experienced more than one of the awesome 2:00 P.M. cloudbursts which lasted just long enough to sucker us into buying ponchos. We learned our lesson; the next time, we just shopped 'till it ended.
Epcot Monorail Future World Journey Imagination benches
Different view, same day. I think I rode Journey Into Imagination eight hundred times. Okay, maybe more like six...(It tied with Cranium Command and Horizons as my favorite thing in Epcot).
Epcot World Showcase Lagoon Friendship boat garden Disney
WDW folks say it a lot, and it's true: pictures don't do World Showcase Lagoon justice (especially mine). In person, I could just stare out across the water for an hour. And I would've, but I really wanted to get to Maelstrom.

More WDW 1993 soon!


  1. I think your photos are great! We visited in 93 as well. I miss that Epcot at times.

    1. Thanks! :) Looking back at the park's timeline, it seems '93 really was a great year to be there.

  2. Journey into Imagination (the original) is my favorite too!!!! :D Haha, always has been. I REALLY want them to restore it to its original glory :D.


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