October 2, 2012

Alice in Safety Land

Alice Wonderland Disneyland ride Fence Rails Railing Fencing leaves
The Alice in Wonderland ride's awful-looking safety railings and camouflage tarps have been uglifying the attraction's exterior since their unfortunate installment in 2010. The good -- very good -- news is that the fences are due to be replaced by a (hopefully) classier-looking alternative sometime in 2013.
Alice Wonderland safety railing tarps Disneyland caterpillar leaves
This used to be a bright, open, whimsical fantasy garden with a graceful vine-path winding about overhead.

It's sad to realize most first-time visitors assume the fencing and tarps have always been there.

For 2010 reactions and a video of how gross the railings look on-ride, click Here.
To see how amazing this ride looked without the fencing, click Here.

Can't wait for remodel, which is also rumored to include several upgrades to the ride's interior! At least one of our crew is rooting for the Walrus and the Carpenter to get a scene this time.

Alice in Wonderland remains one of Disneyland's best rides. Fingers crossed that the exterior will soon look more like its wonderful, spectacular old self!


  1. Any further developments on the whole guard rail thing?

    1. Well, the rumors at this point (and everything's subject to change) indicate that all the Fantasyland dark rides will undergo major refurbishment one by one in preparation for DL's 60th birthday, each receiving new scenes and/or special effects. Alice's remodeling will include a complete rethinking of the outdoor section of the ride, so it looks like they're holding off a bit longer to do far more than just install prettier fences. One rumor suggests the outdoor track will move closer to the building.

      So, it looks like the Alice ride's about to undergo its second major outdoor track rerouting. Since *anything's* better than the increasingly awful-looking temp fix, I really can't wait to see what they come up with. I sure hope they can take advantage of the situation and really have fun with it...the possibilities for nighttime light effects alone could be amazing. We'll have to wait and see...hopefully--as rumored--in time for the 2015 celebration.


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