October 17, 2012

Small World Topiaries Standing Guard

Disneyland Topiary topiaries Small Word rhino bird
The topiary garden of It's a Small World remains one of Disneyland's most perfect, unforgettable creations. This whimsical realm of living sculptures has been a park treasure since 1966.
Disneyland Topiaries topiary Small World garden lion
Disney is apparently developing a movie about an alternate fantasy version of Disneyland. If some of these guys don't come to life in the film, I'll be ticked.
Disneyland Topiaries topiary Small World garden moose
I've posted about this fellow before, and I can't help sneaking another shot in. He's one of my very favorite things in all of the resort. My family's unofficially dubbed him Small World's Security Moose.

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  1. Love that moose too. My husband managed to get a good picture of the moose and me in my Indiana Jones hat - I love that pic.


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