July 22, 2012

Sunday Signage: King Triton's Carousel

King Triton's Carousel Triton Paradise Pier
King Triton's Carousel may not be the most thrilling ride at Disney California Adventure, but it sure has a first-rate sign welcoming guests aboard. Have you ever seen Ol' Triton so overjoyed to see humans?

Maybe it would have been more in-character to have him scowling down at anyone entering...and then, during the ride, a life-size audioanimatronic of the Sea King could lunge up from behind a boulder and fire thunderbolts over riders' heads while bellowing, "GET OFF MY CAROUSEL, HUMANS!!!" That would have been awesome.

Getting back to reality, King Triton's Carousel is a fun feature of Paradise Pier, and was actually one of the few opening-day DCA attractions suitable for small children. Its location -- tucked off to the side between California Screamin' and Toy Story Midway Mania -- keeps the waiting lines short, and that's good news for guests!

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