July 21, 2012

The Best Drink at the Cozy Cone Motel

Doc's Wild Grape Tonic Cozy Cone Motel Cones
Every drink at the Cozy Cone Motel is colorful and delicious, from Ramone's "Pear"-of-Dice Soda to Filmore's Pomegranate Limeade. If pressed to pick favorites, our top two contenders would be Red's Apple Freeze and Doc's Wild Grape Tonic -- two of the most refreshing hot-day remedies we've ever enjoyed!

As much as we love the icy goodness of the Apple Freeze, however, our pick for Best Drink at the Cozy Cone goes to Doc's Wild Grape Tonic. We don't know if it's the cool color or the fun little kick the wild berry foam topping gives it, but if the Grape Tonic came in gallon buckets, we'd buy two of 'em; it's the perfect summer drink!


  1. It complimented the Dill popcorn very well. I originally wasn't sure about trying these character-titled drinks, but hey, it's got Doc Hudson's name on it (I've been partial to guys named 'Doc' since seeing 'Doc Brown' in 'Back to the Future').

    It definitely helped take the extra-salty edge off the popcorn.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Doc's drink! All the character drinks are good, but that one's my definite favorite.

      That Dill popcorn's interesting, isn't it? :) I liked it...but it reminded me more of mustard than anything else.

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