July 5, 2012

Cars Land Details: Angus A. Ackley

Luigi's Flying Tires queue poster Angus Ackley

Cars Land overflows with wonderful, imaginative details that help bring the automotive universe to life. Here we have a great piece from the memorabilia case inside Luigi's Casa della Tires. This terrific poster, introducing a character not seen in the films, presents several layers of background story all at once.

His name's Angus A. Ackley, and he owns a bagpipe shop somewhere in the Cars version of Europe. Sometime in the past, Lugi and Guido provided him with comfy whitewalls, either via mail order or during the duo's trip around the world with Lightning and Mater during Cars 2. A satisfied customer, Ackley's inscribed the poster, "Lads, them whitewalls feel good under me fender skirts!"

I can only imagine how loud those extra-large bagpipes might be. Luigi's probably got a CD tucked somewhere in his office, which never gets played amongst the never-ending Italian playlist echoing throughout the queue for Luigi's Flying Tires.

Yes, I'm a Cars geek. Should I mention I noticed Angus's initials are AAA?

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