July 2, 2012

Don't Let This Happen To You

Fastpass Line Radiator Springs Racers Cars Land
You see this? This is the line for the Radiator Springs Racers Fastpasses on June 30...five minutes after park opening!!!!!

The fastpass machines are located at the entry to A Bugs Land, and the line stretched from there back around the Carthay Circle Theater and nearly all the way down Hollywood Blvd.

This is insanity. It's also completely unnecessary. These people are spending their precious morning time standing in a slow-moving line for an hour or more to get a reservation they probably don't need.

If there's one piece of advice I can leave you with regarding Radiator Springs Racers, it's this:

My family and I visited Cars Land on June 29th and June 30th. We rode Radiator Springs Racers seven or eight times and never waited more than forty minutes, because we chose the Single Rider entrance every time. Not only that, we usually got to sit together (or at least in pairs) anyway!

Forget Fastpass. We witnessed a period when (due to ride shutdowns earlier in the day) the line for Fastpass holders had an hour wait. This didn't go over well with many guests (understandably), but everyone should realize Fastpasses do not guarantee immediate boarding at the printed return time  -- simply a shorter wait than the standby line. And, at that moment, I think the standby line was hovering over the two hour mark.

Of course, we also experienced a moment when the Single Rider line was temporarily closed off. The cast members will do this when it gets too full. We politely and unobtrusively waited nearby, and -- sure enough -- about ten minutes later the Single Rider line re-opened and we boarded the ride within a half hour.

So, please, folks, do yourselves a favor and (unless you have small children who should not ride without your company or you really, really want a group ride photo) don't subject yourself to the currently-ridiculous Fastpass situation for Radiator Springs Racers. Go Single Rider!

And arrive before the park opens. But, you already knew that, right?

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