July 9, 2012

Forget Bad Reviews: Flying Tires Rock!

Luigi's Flying Tires Cars Land
Luigi's Flying Tires (pictured above in pre-launch mode) turned out to be a pleasant surprise on our first Cars Land visit. Some early reviews had labeled the ride boring, difficult to control and unbearably slow loading.


The ride is incredibly fun. You really do float on a cushion of air -- which is a great experience in itself -- and you can really get those things scootin' across the field at a nice clip!

The tires are incredibly easy to control: Lean. Don't lean too much. That's it. Not too difficult, right?

The ride isn't the fastest loader on property, but it swallows up large groups with each cycle, and the queue winds through Luigi's shop and gardens, presenting you with tons of fun details and backstory to enjoy. If the line is not reaching outside Luigi's front entry, your wait should be very reasonable.

My advice: don't concentrate too much on bumping into other riders, and simply have fun piloting your tire around the arena! A family member suggested the ride could be improved with two fewer tires on the field to give all pilots more maneuvering room, and I completely agree.

By all means, take Luigi's tires for a spin on your Cars Land visit. It's a unique, playful joyride.


  1. Hate this ride, glad it's leaving. It was a very boring ride and hard to maneuver.

  2. I agree with you Rich, it looks like a wonderful ride that was a lot of fun, and I think the bad reviews on this ride are every bit as hogwash as the bad reviews on Cars 2. Both are brilliant! Although I am very sad they have got rid of this ride, as I would have loved to go on it. But I did hear they have this new ride that is a lot of fun! I'm still going to miss this, though.

    -Sandra (Agent Sandra Cartrip)


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