July 14, 2012

Temporary Ride Shut-Downs Can Be Fun

Radiator Springs Racers temporary shut down at Disney California Adventure
Like most complex new rides, Radiator Springs Racers experiences occasional temporary shut-downs due to technical issues. When this happens, the cast members help riders step safely out of the vehicles and escort them to the nearest exit, issuing Fastpasses to each guest who did not receive a complete ride. The park's operators and technicians work swiftly to get the ride up and running again as quickly as possible, usually in less than half an hour.

My family experienced a ride shut-down only once in our eight trips on Radiator Springs Racers during a recent visit to Cars Land. And it was awesome. Why? Because we experienced the best of all possible scenarios: the ride stopped after our vehicle had completed 99% of the adventure; we were literally just a couple of car lengths from the unloading zone. After the friendly cast members helped us step from our vehicles and walk to the exit area, we received Fastpasses good for any DCA Fastpass ride (these special passes admit up to six people in a group).

So, we ended up with a basically complete ride-through, the novel experience of exiting the vehicle in an unusual spot, and a pass to re-ride the Racers again with very little wait once the attraction returned to normal operation (it was functioning perfectly within twenty minutes). As a bonus, the special pass allowed some of our group who hadn't yet ridden to join us.

Disneyland Resort fans tend to embrace the unexpected; sometimes ride shut-downs work to your advantage!

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