July 16, 2012

The Cars Land Luigi Vs. Ramone Mystery

Luigi Ramone Radiator Springs Racers
A logic-defying mystery's forming around Radiator Springs Racers. I'm sure there's a simple explanation, but -- to some repeat visitors -- this Cars Land ride seems to bend the rules of time and space.

How so?

At one point in the adventure, the track splits and your car heads to either Luigi's Casa Della Tires or Ramone's House of Body Art. This is necessary to line up two cars on parallel tracks for the finale race. Logically, then, half the riders go to Luigi's, and half go to Ramone's. Simple.

But...if you've ridden it, which side did you visit? An informal poll among family, friends and fellow fans brought a weird result: nearly everyone went through Luigi's Tire Shop. On a recent Podcast, Lou Mongello's WDW Radio team indicated they rode several times and never saw Ramone's. I've ridden eight times and seen Ramone's once. Check out YouTube, where Luigi's shop appears in about 90% of the posted ride-throughs.

What the heck's going on? Clearly, half the riders must encounter Ramone, or the races would be physically impossible! Are Ramone witnesses sworn to secrecy as they exit? Are their memories and videos altered? Or is the phenomenon just coincidence and illusion (yeah, I know...of course it is).

Maybe a Cast Member could shed some light on this; are Single Riders -- who probably repeat-ride more than folks going through the full queue -- more likely to be placed in a Luigi-destined car due to the boarding zone setup? And are Disney Fans who discuss this sort of thing more likely to get in the Single Rider Line to save time? That seems the most logical answer to me.

Yes, this is probably the silliest post you'll read all day. But, really, it's a puzzle!


  1. Weird. I rode the ride 7 times, and I thought there WAS a pattern to it all.

    It seemed to me, that each loading zone had a 1st car, and a 2nd car. The front car always got to go through Luigi's, and the rear car always passed through Ramone's.

    My first 2 rides, if I recall correctly, I was in the 1st car, and we got our whitewalls. My following 5 rides, I got the 2nd car, and we went through Ramone's. However, the paint effect in the mirror didn't seem to be working.

    1. Thank you for the perspective; you're the first person I've talked to who actually got to go through Ramone's more than the other side! Your observation about the 1st and 2nd cars sounds right. It makes sense and, after all, the ride *has* to alternate the cars in order or the races can't happen, right?

      Yet the one time I went through Ramone's I was in the third car in line (had to check my photos to remember that). The way things are looking, maybe that was the exception to the majority of dispatches.

      One way or the other, I'd love to talk to a RSR cast member about the way the ride works!

  2. It all varies. 4 Cars leave the Load area. Perfect scenario would be...

    Car 1 - Luigi's
    Car 2 - Ramone's
    Car 3 - Luigi's
    Car 4 - Ramone's

    But it can all change due to if there are Odd or Even amount of cars on the track. It can also change if there is a slight delay in vehicles leaving. Example...

    Car 1 leaves on Road Trip after seat belt checked it'll go to Luigi's as planned.
    Car 2 is delayed because someones seat belt wasn't ready, or whatever the case may be. Since time has passed and the gap between cars is too big for the big Race, it'll start fresh and go to Luigi's. In turn...

    Car 3 - Ramone's
    Car 4 - Luigi's

    So it varies a lot. Just depends on the situation going on.


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