July 3, 2012

Disneyland Ducklings

Disneyland Ducklings Fantasyland

Whether it's a feral cat scooting around Critter Country or some wise-guy bird hopping onto my pancakes, encounters with Disneyland's peek-a-boo wildlife never fail to make me smile. During Saturday morning's early entry I had the pleasure of watching this charming duck family as they hopped out of the Storybookland canal and stampede-waddled to the all-you-can-eat garden buffet near Toad's place.

Disneyland ducklings ducks Fantasyland flowers

All the juvenile birds quicklly disappeared into the flowerbed, their heads popping in and out of the foliage as they gobbled grubs...or pixies, or whatever it is they find in there.

Mother duck guards ducklings disneyland Fantasyland

Mamaduck kept an eye on me until I passed her "not-a-psycho" test, then she joined her kids in the flowers. This little moment on the quiet morning walkway put me in such a good mood I didn't mind my next two rides (Matterhorn and Buzz) both shutting down with me on board. Ah, well, at least I got an any-ride fastpass out of it.

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