July 2, 2012

Cars Land!

Radiator Springs Racers Cars Land

On June 15, 2012, Disney California Adventure opened the gates to the most amazing twelve acres to ever appear in a theme park. Cars Land is incredible. It is also beautiful, whimsical, majestic, funny and grand.
The once-ridiculed sister park to Disneyland finally began drawing record-breaking crowds as guests poured in to explore the beloved little town of Radiator Springs and the surrounding vistas of Carburetor County. Folks waited patiently in line for up to five hours for a chance to ride the spectacular Radiator Springs Racers. Since then, lines tend to hover around the slightly-saner two hour mark, though there are ways to cut that time down significantly. More on that later.

Be sure to check out our Cars Land Guide, which we'll be updating regularly.

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