January 13, 2013

The Poppy Fountain in Downtown Disney

Poppy Fountain Downtown Disney Disneyland Resort California
I have a confession: I walked past this crazy, wonderful fountain dozens of times over the past several years before I realized it was a California Poppy. In my defense, the petals do look more abstract up close. Ah, well.

Situated in Downtown Disney near the Parking Lot Tram station (we can see a tram in the background), this large fountain launches its water column skyward in varied bursts, creating a playful atmosphere as the stream rises and falls back on itself, up and down, loudly splashing all over the giant State Flower.

As park Early Birds know, this fountain sometimes makes the weirdest noises when it starts up in the morning. It sounds like a giant cartoon whale with indigestion. People tend to back away a few steps. Then the water starts flowing and Downtown Disney moves one step closer to fully opening for the day.

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  1. Nice picture - I can feel that sunny day here in cold Indiana. I love the California poppies - I have a serving dish that my dad bought my mom sometime in the 1960's from Virginia's Gift Shop in Knott's Berry Farm. It's clear glass embossed with silver California poppies. I treasure it.


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