January 15, 2013

Omnibus and Company

Disneyland Main Street Vehicles Cinema Ominbus Horse Drawn
The World's Best Bus cruises by the Cinema as a Horse-Drawn Street Car clops past...in a shot taken aboard the Fire Engine. It's rush hour, Disneyland style, which is about as laid back and charming as any rush hour could possibly be.

Disneyland just wouldn't be Disneyland without this leisurely, ongoing transportation ballet (using beeps, honks and horse hoof clops in place of Tchaikovsky). It's every bit as important to the park's character as Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Matterhorn, and the Steam Trains pulling into the station.

I love all of the park's "lands," but I think Main Street makes me smile the most. It may not contain a spectacular blockbuster ride, but the whole area itself forms one big E Ticket experience.

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