January 29, 2013

Golden Horseshoe Lives On Through iTunes

Golden Horseshoe Review Disneyland album iTunes soundtrack
The recent "Limited-Time Magic" Tribute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue stage show is heading into its final days at Disneyland. While it's a shame the tribute isn't a permanent fixture at the park, the magic of the original long-running Disneyland classic can still be enjoyed, for Slue-Foot Sue's Golden Horseshoe Review is on iTunes (and Amazon MP3)!

Recorded Live at Disneyland in 1957, the album (misspelled title and all) captures the light-hearted joy and energy of the original show. The original amazing cast is in great form and this special presentation includes a guest appearance by the Disney's favorite barbershop quartet, the Mellomen.

Another classic park album joins our growing list of iTunes Disney Park albums. The digital scene keeps getting better and better!

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