January 5, 2013

Pooh Corner: One Wonderfully Strange Candy Shop

Pooh candy Shop Corner Disneyland Critter Country Heffalump
If your New Year's resolutions include cutting back on chocolate and sugar, Pooh's not going to be much help in that department, especially inside the doors of the Pooh Corner candy shop. Located diabolica -- I mean, conveniently adjacent to the exit to Pooh's dark ride in Critter Country, it carries the surreal theme of the ride's Heffalumps and Woozles nightmare over into a much sunnier interpretation. Here, the bear and some mischievous heffa-bees turn treat shopping into one big, giddy avalanche of Hunny Pot Krispy Treats, Marshmallow Tigger Tails, season-themed fudge and more cookies and candy choices than you can shake a thistle at.

This spot used to be the Mile Long Bar. I miss seeing Max, Buff and Melvin on the wall, but I do love this shop's crazy decor.

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