August 10, 2012

Where Lightning Got Sentenced

Cars Land sign Happy Place Radiator Springs
Near the courthouse, right where it should be, stands the famous "Happy Place" spot where Doc Hudson sentenced a horrified Lightning McQueen to hard labor community service while Mater requested $32,000 in legal fees. The courtyard has been "prettified" since Radiator Springs regained its rightful place on the map at the film's finale, and now boasts tail light flowers (love the tire planters) and a bench for human guests.
Radiator Springs sidewalk Cars Land
Here's a side shot to show the spot's placement in the town. It's 7:20 A.M. during Extra Magic Hour, and it seems 95% of the early visitors to Disney California Adventure are in line for Radiator Springs Racers, which leaves the rest of the town open to relaxed, crowd-free touring...until 8:00, when the general public enters en masse. The place is completely believable as a historic, once-forgotten stop along Route 66; it's hard to believe those telephone poles were just installed a few months ago.

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